In conversation with
Mr Wijit Techakasem

MD | Filter Vision Public Company Limited

FDI Spotlight: Can you identify new developments you are working on and new countries you are looking to develop into?

Dr. Wijit Techakasem: As long as people understand the quality and standard of a product, we will continue to develop it. Currently we are concentrating on our core business: food and beverage. These are fundamental to our life and with the increase in consumption due to factors such as the increase in population; our business grows and will continue to do so. We want to be sure that we are growing in the right direction and therefore we are prioritising the production of a healthy product.

We are expanding our business to work in countries such as Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar, as well as expanding within Thailand. These are countries we have good ties with for our exporting of products and therefore we can build a solid future with. Forming connections to these countries demonstrates the growing of the economy and also the development of society.

Our product will always move towards the economic index as well as the lifestyle of our customers.

Do you see Thailand as an investment gateway to the region?

Dr. Wijit Techakasem: I would very much consider Thailand as the investment destination in this region. Although the export industry has suffered somewhat in the last years, the tourism industry is still buoyant. If investors believe in tourism within Thailand then they will see how investment is still a low risk choice.

One of the major benefits of Thai people has always been their resilience in life and their ability to deal with any situation with a smile on their face. Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles because whatever life throws at them, they will continue on with a level of positivity unrivalled by any other nation. This is evident in all aspects of Thai life and a great reason to invest in the country and the people.

In order to sharpen Thailand’s competitive edge, we need to create an entrepreneurial mindset. How can we achieve this objective within your own community?

Dr. Wijit Techakasem: The first thing is to educate people that image is very important. We must always work together and maintain a positive outgoing image in order to build our industries and economy. A high level of confidence in the capabilities of the people must be present before any investment will come.

The second important point is communication with and attention to staff. In the past 10 years the workforce of Thailand has not matched the expectations of themselves to help develop the nation. It is important to keep staff happy and fulfilled within their job role, and listen to their needs and thoughts.

The last point is that we should focus on turning a negative mindset into a positive one. No one should believe that s/he is less advantaged that anyone else. If Thai people, especially the ones for which agriculture is their main source of revenue will start being more proactive and motivated to reach the standard way of life, on their own, without any help from the government; if they start thinking what they can do today for a better tomorrow, they will make their life better. Especially the young generation, they must be thought how to fish rather than giving them the fish. This positive mindset can be transferred to all aspects of life.

What is your message of confidence to international investors?

Dr. Wijit Techakasem: My message would be that the best path forward is to work together. Rather than investors coming in and just supplying financial support, they should actually work together with local partners to form an exchange of expertise and a transfer of knowledge.