Universitas Respati Indonesia URINDO is a private university, established in 1986 under the auspices of the Education Foundation Respati.
URINDO offers degrees and diplomas in Public Health, Nursing and Midwifery, Information Technology and Information Systems, Business Administration, Management, and Agrotechnology. Graduate Programs consist of Public Health, Hospital Administration, Business Management and Business Administration.

URINDO strives to develop an entrepreneurial academic community. Believing they have a responsibility to provide students with opportunities for entrepreneurship, the institution promotes community leadership and projects that contribute to the well-being of the local population.
Research performed by the URINDO includes significant work in the area of age-related illness and cognitive decline. Research subjects include: the capacity of aromatherapy to fight declining cognition and anxiety; and the role of tempeh, the traditional Indonesian food, in slowing cognitive decline. In addition,URINDO also conducts research on sustainable development including Active Ageing Program which provides a holistic approach to improving quality of life for older people through intellectual and spiritual stimulation.

URINDO has committed to develop themselves in the Tri Dharma College program through the development of quality human resources, facilities and infrastructure. These efforts are implemented through cooperation activities both nationally and internationally.
URINDO’s goal is to achieve international recognition by 2025, making bold steps in this direction by collaborating with various international institutions across the United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Australia.

“We acknowledge the challenges that we will meet while developing our institution in the global era. Respati must meet international standards. We hope that by 2020 a significant number of our graduates will be contributing to the ASEAN workforce.“

-Prof. Dr. Tri Budi Wahyuni Rahardjo, drg. MS


Jl. Bambu Apus I no. 3 Cipayung,
Jakarta Timur 13890
Tel: 021-845 2049