Universitas Prof. Dr. Moestopo (Beragama) is a private university in Central Jakarta, Indonesia. Established in 1961 by Major General Prof. Moestopo, a celebrated Indonesian freedom fighter and dentist, UPDM (B) began life as the Dr. Moestopo Dental College. Since then UPDM’s remit has expanded well beyond dentistry to include social sciences, economics, and communication programs.

UPDM (B) is currently headed by rector Prof. Dr. Rudy Harjanto. An experienced educator and UPDM (B) alumnus himself, Prof. Dr. Harjanto is fully invested in his responsibility to Prof. Moestopo’s legacy of making Indonesia greater through education.

Under Prof. Dr. Harjanto’s leadership, UPDM (B) fluidly navigates the changing demands of a university in the information age, promoting a two-way approach to education where students’ own knowledge and research is discussed and appraised in class. Knowing that education must keep pace with culture as a whole, the UPDM (B) approach is geared towards creating leaders, entrepreneurs, and scientists— ideally producing graduates who are capable of being all three.

A strong sense of Indonesian identity and national responsibility underpins all UPDM activities. Whether it is through activity in the arts or work with traditional Indonesian goods producers, UPDM (B) encourages every student to feel part of their national culture, and to share it for the enrichment of the whole country.

“He formed this university at a time when independent Indonesia was still young. Now it’s our duty to make his dream come true. We make this university more than just a university, we make it a contributor to the good of Indonesia.”

-Prof. Dr. Rudy Harjanto, Universitas Prof. Dr. Moestopo (Beragama)