The Namib Mills Group is the holding entity that actively manages a portfolio of investments comprising several operating companies which are active in the following sectors: wheat, maize and mahugu milling, pasta manufacturing and rice and sugar packaging.

The group traces its roots back to 1981 when the first small Greenfields maize mill opened in Windhoek, Namibia. Today, the group is a major supplier of staple foods and animal feed in Namibia and employs over 2 000 people in Namibia, and South Africa.

State-of-the-art facilities and a highly skilled workforce guarantee a wide range of healthy, quality branded products that meet the requirements of our customers.

The companyís reputation is important to them, and a non-negotiable commitment to continuous quality improvement and superior service have ensured that their products remain trusted leaders in their categories.

The Namib Mills Group believe their employees are the reason for the organisationís success and that talent development is a crucial factor to maintain its competitive edge. Talent development is integrated into their strategy and business culture. The group is also committed to sound corporate governance and adhere to strict business ethics that foster integrity, respect, honesty and openness in their day-to-day business activities with their stakeholders.

The group follows safe work practices in order to provide a healthy working environment for all employees. Additionally, business is conducted in an ecologically responsible manner to respect and preserve the natural environment.

Sustainability is a priority throughout the organisation, and Namib Mills is committed to sustainable business practices for the long-term benefit of not only their shareholders but all their stakeholders. The company creates socio-economic growth through investment in local economies and developing talent, both internally and through educational initiatives in the surrounding communities.

Continuously working towards the growth and development of the Namibian economy, Namib Mills plans to invest in a state of the art wheat mill from B¸hler, a Swiss-based company. This will help to grow Namibiaís GDP, earn foreign exchange through exports and ensure jobs security for current Namib Mills employees. The companyís vision for the new mill is to assist Namib Mills in expanding its footprint into neighbouring countries and add value towards the Vision 2030 of transforming Namibia into a food-secure nation and promoting competitiveness in the export sector.

Additionally, Namib Mills has invested in poultry in order to do import substitution and align their own growth strategy with the Governmentís policy of ìGrowth at Homeî.