Jamal Trading has been operating for over 30 years and has cemented itself in Botswana as a go to hardware supplier. The company sources the best quality building material and hardware products, both regionally as well as internationally, at the best price and provides various essentials services, such as, estimating from plans, site visits, and transport facility that enable it to provide the best service.

Jamal Trading forms part of Jamal Group of Companies, which include B.S.S Property Investment, NATA Timber Industries, EEZZE Build and Global Printers.

Jamal Trading supplies, among others, PPC Cement, Marley Floor Tiles and Plumbing Equipment, Duro Window Frames, NATA SABS Trusses, Vaal Ceramic Product, Rhino Board, Cobra Taps, Dulux Paint and Plascon Paints, sand, aggregates, concrete stone and cement. Other services include reinforcing steel mesh, bricks, windows and doors, bathrooms and kitchens.

Jamal Trading is passionate about assisting the lesser fortunate as much as possible and offer support to those interested in building their homes by allowing them to pay in monthly instalments.

The company prides itself on being:

  • One of Botswana’s most reliable and accountable suppliers;
  • The provider of products nationally and regionally;
  • The provider of consistent service delivery and quality to clients
  • Able to provide minimal delays from concept to completion;
  • A one-stop hardware shop; and
  • Making sure that customers get the value for the money they spend