We invite you to explore our unique university as a private entrepreneurial model university by UNESCO

Message From the President Prof. Dr. M. Suyanto, The President

Welcome to Universitas AMIKOM! Just until recently Universitas AMIKOM was a College of Information Management and Computer, STMIK AMIKOM, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. As one of the largest and most respected computer institutions in Indonesia we have been committed to excellence in scholarship, research and service.

It is stated from UNESCO in “A New Dynamic Private Higher Education Institutions” that STMIK AMIKOM is a private academy in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. ‘The academy concentrates on innovative technologies. The academy produces graduates who are very popular in the labor market. The academy also runs several commercial enterprises: television channels, radio channels, cartoon production, software design, internet services, advertising, computer systems, consultancy and mobile networks. These commercial setups also provide valuable ground for student internships. The academy claims to produce ‘graduates with global qualities, productive, entrepreneurial, professionais, especially in knowledge based on computer and informatics’.

The heart of Universitas AMIKOM’s success resides, in our dedicated staff members, robust student bodies, and outstanding faculty members, including distinguished scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, social scientists, artist, and film makers. We pride ourselves with winning 35 Internasional Awards and more than 100 National Awards. The quality, the breadth, and the depth of this University’s intellectual resources create a remarkable community of scholars-from our national leadership in the computer sciences, engineering and business to our community’s robust cultural offerings. This is the uniqueness of AMIKOM!

We invite you to take all the advantages it offers.