The Co-Operative College of Malaysia is the only cooperative training centre in the country. Upon its inception in 1956, it was funded by the Colonial Welfare and Development Fund, whilst the government gave a great contribution in the development of CCM as a whole.

In 1968, CCM was recognized as a statutory body through the Co-operative College (Incorporation) Act 1968. To be relevant with the changing of time, the Parliament passed the Co-operative College (Incorporation) (Amendment) Act 2011 to strengthen the CCM governance in order to plan and carry out innovative and creative programs to support the development of the cooperative movement .In 2009, CCM was placed under the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumer Affairs (KPDNKK).

In 2016, CCM offered 850 short courses with expected 40,000 participants. Courses offered cover several area such as mandatory course for the Board Director of co-operative, course related to Key Result Area, seminars, workshops, conventions, field study and several courses at certificate level such as Certificate in Cooperative Management. Apart from that, CCM also offer higher education program run by iCOOP College, which is a subsidiary company of CCM. CCM also conducts at least 5 researches a year and provides consultancy services to the co-operative. We target the college to receive a university status in the future.

International outlook

In view of internationalization, CCM is looking forward to work and have closer relationship with international counter parts in academic areas particularly in cooperative area. We collaborate with counterparts from other countries for the further capacity building, seminars, training and attachment.

We recently entered an MOU with Co-Operative College UK with the main intention to develop management competencies of Board members in large scale cooperative. The agreed program between both organisations is the International Flagship Program to the CEO and Board of Director of co-operative. This year we have completed the pioneer program. In 2017 CCM plans to open the program to board and leaders of cooperative institutions across all of ASEAN.