Established in 1985, Bolux Group is the largest maize and wheat milling company in Botswana. The company is the proud producer of the following products:

  • A1 Super Maize Meal
  • Snowwhite Flour
  • Pasta King
  • Maxi Bread

Bolux Group has been successfully feeding the nation for over 30 years. The Company imports raw material (maize and wheat grain) from across the globe and the entire production and packaging process takes place on site in Ramotswa. The company employs over 450 people and runs a 24hr/7day a week shift.
Bolux Group sees itself as a dynamic and mature industrial company that contributes meaningfully to the economy of Botswana. As a non-mining entity, the company continues
to play its part in the economic diversification and industrialisation efforts of Botswana.
Being a sizeable producer of chop (a bi-product of maize milling) and bran (a bi-product of wheat milling) Bolux is the largest supplier of animal feed to the beef sector. By supplying
farmers, feedlots (BMC) and Government, the company is an integral part of the Beef sector value chain and is a major contributor to that sector.
Bolux Group is committed to supporting local farmers in commercial farming activities through committing to buy local crop. This is meant to support local farmers and
see growth in commercial farming activities. Although local farmers produce only a small fraction of the companies needs, Bolux Group is committed to contributing more
meaningfully to this sector and help grow that part of the economy.
By investing heavily in the plant and ensuring that the company has the full capability to produce its customer’s needs locally, Bolux Group plays a meaningful role in creating a
level of self sufficiency in basic food production. As a result the company is able to assist in reducing the import bill in finished products. Furthermore, through its sophisticated logistical network and linkages in the retail and distribution sector, Bolux Group ensures that its products are delivered and made available throughout the entire country. Our aim is to make sure that our products satisfy local market demand before looking into other markets.
We pride ourselves in being providers of FOOD FOR THE NATION.


  • Feeding the nation with pride.


  • To continuously be a trusted and respected world class Botswana company supplying the market with quality affordable products.


  • To be open and honest in our dealings with all our stakeholders, to put our customers first and aim to meet their expectations.
  • To build a culture of mutual trust within Bolux.
  • We are committed to localize the management through a focused talent development programme and to grow our people and recognize their contribution and performance.
  • To be good corporate citizens