Anywhere To Go was established in July 20th, 2000, to provide real time services for a wide spectrum of applications, to our customers wherever, whenever and however their needs may be, under our theme ‘anywhere to go’.

In tandem with the increasing use of sophisticated IT devices, such as the Kiosk, CD-ROM, Mobile Phone and PDA (Palm and Pocket PC) in the marketplace, our services span time and space, hence translating to high service standards – paramount of which are quick response time, accuracy of work, efficiency of teams, and overall enhanced productivity.

Supported by Royal Thai Governmentís SMEs Venture Capital Fund, The Royal Thai Government has recognized the potential of Arunsawad as an emerging SMEs. In August 2002, Arunsawad was invited to participate in the Government’s SMEs Venture Capital Fund. With more funds, Arunsawad is poised for more growth and development.