Aerosud is an established leader in the South African and international aviation industry, formed in 1990 with its main focus on high engineering, low production volume programs. The company supplies integrated manufacturing solutions, capable of adding value to partnerships involving programme management, design, development and production processes.

As a recognised and respected brand in the very competitive international market place, Aerosud considers that its business, management and technical skills has the potential for long-term sustainability.


  • Design & Development: A core team of experienced engineers and designers are employed with expert knowledge in specialised disciplines.
  • Metallic: Metallic part production ranges from simple hand formed sheet metal parts to complex press-formed parts and die-punched parts.
  • Assemblies: Metallic assemblies range from equipped parts to multiple assemblies such as avionic racks.
  • Composite: Composite manufacture is focused on phenolic resin system materials using an oven cured process. A significant amount of phenolic flat sandwich panels are also processed either as linings or as complete assemblies.
  • Thermoplastics: Thermoplastic part production is concentrated on NC controlled vacuum forming machines where simple and complex geometry parts are formed.
  • Technologies: Largest CFRTP press system in the world with 600 ton capacity allowing Aerosud to be a world leader in the production of CFRTP parts.

The Aerosud vision focuses on strong growth in four strategic areas:

  • Engineering programmes
  • Partnerships with key OEMs
  • Partnership with Government
  • Partnership with SA Industry

Aerosud has been the recipient of a number of awards, such as Manufacturer of the Year Award and Gold at the Logistics Achiever Award in December and October of 2016 respectively. The company believes that demonstrating a genuine commitment and ability to deliver on transformation objectives is an important basis for fostering trust with all stakeholders. In February of 2017 Aerosud achieved Level 5 B-BBEE status.