Aberdare Cables, a member of the Powertech Group, is a leading African cable manufacturer and has been in existence since 1946. We manufacture an extensive range of electrical cables for application in power transmission, power distribution, rail, petrochemical, mining, ports, airports, wholesale, construction and domestic building environments. Our four manufacturing sites and seven customer service centres in South Africa enables us to provide personalised service to our entire customer base. Offshore operations in Mozambique, Portugal and Spain provide seamless entry of stock into Africa and Europe. We take pride in our ability to identify and satisfy customer needs through the development of innovative products coupled with unique, cost effective cabling solutions. This and our extensive project experience make us the supplier of choice for cable and special cable projects.

Current projects include Shoprite Checkers Regional Distribution Centre, The Power of the Wind and Production of Rail Cable for PRASA.

On the Production of Rail Cable for PRASA, which extends
over 10 years:

  • We produced rail cables that required a combination of specifications i.e. the Transnet spec and the Alstom spec.
  • The order required a change of material type for cable as well as manufacturing processes from double passes (insulation and sheath) to a single pass (just insulation – XL EVA material).
  • We built test facilities to accommodate a few of the tests and subcontracted some of the tests that were new to us and for which we did not have the facilities.
  • All trial runs were stringently tested by Alstom and our cables passed.
  • Collectively screened cable 300/500 V is currently being developed for future orders – this too is an entirely new range.