“Diversification is critical and I think the people and the government of Botswana is coming to that conclusion. People are definitely doing more in other industries and as BDC we have been supporting them as much as possible. It is very exciting and very encouraging to see that people in the tourism, financial services and other sectors are making an effort.”

Bashi Gaetsaloe, Managing Director of the Botswana Development Corporation




“The challenge we as BNPC face is the implementation of policies. Everyone knows there needs to be mindset change, however, the change in thought process is not happening fast enough. People are not doing what they are supposed to be doing and they are not being held accountable for doing the wrong thing. The success of any country is directly tied to the ability and successful management of its leaders; therefore we are trying to build the leadership capacity Botswana needs.”


Teedzani Majaule, Acting Executive Director & Productivity, Quality Programme Manager, Botswana National Productivity Centre (BNPC)



“The state plays a catalytic role in diversifying the economy; however, government likewise need to carry some of the risk associated with developing projects, especially big one such as ours. When we started with the development of the BIH, we took quite a few financial risks. While the system will never be perfect, all stakeholders involved need to understand that we all need to carry the risks associated with what we are trying to do. It is something completely new to Botswana and the work we have been doing is breaking new ground.”


Alan Boshwaen, Chief Executing Officer, Botswana Innovation Hub (BIH)




“The economy is definitely diversified. If you look at the structure of the GDP, it is clear that economy is different to how it was 25 years ago: the non-mining sector has grown from 47 percent to 80 percent – which is diversification. The problem is that diversification has largely been into services and other non-tradeables, which is classic Dutch Disease. The exception to this is tourism, which is big business and which is a big growth sector in exports.”

 Dr Keith Jefferis, Managing Director,Econsult Botswana



“It is all about reaching out and making sure people know who we are and what are our intentions are. I think Botswana needs to be far more visible, telling the world about what we have in Botswana. Gabcon serves as a logistics cluster and with the strategies we have put in place we want to triple our cargo handling facilities and our revenue base in the near term. Our aim is for Gabcon to be the container hub for the region.”


Lesedi Moakofhi, Managing Director, Gabcon




“We are thrilled about the goals we have reached so far and will continue to break the targets we set for ourselves. Our first target was to generate revenue of 1 billion Pula, the second to employ 10 0000 people, the third to generate 1 billion Dollars, and the next targets are to employ 25 000 people and be a well known and recognised player in Sub Saharan Africa.”


Ramachandran Ottapathu, Chief Executive Officer, Choppies




“Africa is the way to go; it is the final frontier. However, the continent needs better leaders. With Botswana getting its new president soon, we are hopeful for at least ten years of good economic growth. We, the private sector, want to work in close collaboration with whoever fills the role to make sure that Botswana’s economy is the best it can be. Success lies in working with the private sector; the government does not know everything and they would fool themselves to think they do.”

Satar Dada, Chairman of the National Treasury



“It is absolutely the right now to genuinely position Botswana as a place for diversification. We have to position Botswana as a place where new investment can come in, or existing businesses can expand.”

Outule M. Bale, Chief Executive Officer, Khumo Property Asset Management



“There is a lot that is not known about Botswana internationally and few people outside of the country appreciate the opportunities that exist here, especially in the context of our SADC membership.”


Mmetla Masire, Chief Executive Officer,
Water Utilities Corporation



“I believe strongly that Botswana has a lot of strength. If SADC is your market, Botswana is the ideal place to manufacture; it is stable, there are no foreign exchange controls, and it is ideally situated to export to all of the neighbouring countries, as well as having a robust financial services sector.”

Vijay Naik, Managing Director, Flo-Tek




“Our role comes to the fore because the government has recognised the need to drive economic diversification forward. We have identified a role to play in this diversification drive. We have handpicked key sectors of the economy we believe are the future of Botswana’s economy to support and foster growth.”

 Leina Gabaraane, Chief Executive, Stanbic Bank Botswana